Friday, March 9, 2007


Minor annoyances of the day (so far) --

I found a website with content that looks like a good match for my books and background and also like something that would be of interest to visitors to my website, so I decided to write and offer content, links, etc. It's a website, right? But the contact page contains a mailing address. Not an email address or, for that matter, even a fax number. A snail mail street address. This gives me pause, but I figure what the hell? I have decent paper and stamps, and I just bought some new No. 10 envelopes. Despite the slight crisis of confidence in the website prompted by the lack of email contact capability, it's still probably worth 39 cents to let them know I exist. I write the letter, print it on some delectable cotton/linen paper (I forgot how nice this stuff is; maybe I'll start snail mailing more often), and open my pristine new box of Mead No. 10 envelopes. "Self-Adhesive," the box proclaims. "Instant Sealing. No Licking Required." This turns out to be true enough, but one side of the envelope I pull out has not been glued. At all. Nice self-adhesive along the top and one properly glued side, but the other side is wide open. It's got to be just one defective envelope, I assure myself. Mead wouldn't let me down like this. Sadly, it's every envelope in a box of 50. Is it worth my time to return the box and hope the store will take it back even though the receipt is history? Can I bear to send business correspondence in an envelope with a tacky piece of Scotch tape securing one side? Maybe I'll forget the whole thing and go back to bed.


RW said...

Unfortunately, there are many sites like this. One would wonder how a site without content shows up anywhere. I hope that search engines did not lead you to this.

NtSD said...

Maybe things will look brighter when you get up

JO said...

It's funny the contrast between easy, and hard. Once we choose hard, or are forced in choosing just keeps getting harder. I think that you are on to a great intro to a story where the person is just trying to send some business coorespondence by email, then ends up in the security office at Wal Mart in handcuffs!!!