Friday, April 27, 2007

Ann Arbor, MI

I'm heading to Ann Arbor today for my son's graduation tomorrow from the University of Michigan. I graduated from the U of M myself 31 years ago. Like most people who went to college in Ann Arbor, I loved it and I have loved going back to visit in the years since. There are lots of things to love: the beautiful campus, the big old "M" in the middle of the Diag (which I can't help but be sentimental about now), the view from the steps of Rackham, that amazing football stadium and the games that go on within, the way it's easier to get around on foot than by car, and the meandering students who, despite their ubiquitous cell phones and different hair and clothes, somehow seem to be having the same political, theatrical and course distribution conversations we had in the 70s. Ann Arbor has never failed to take me back in time; I always feel like I'm 20 when I'm there. Or I always have up until now. Is it possible that I'll feel 20 at my own 22-year-old son's graduation? Or will I end up feeling like two people - both my own 20-year-old self and my kid's proud parent? I can't wait to find out.

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buffie said...

One word: fragels

Have a wonderful time and give the Boy a big hug from me.