Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Tao of Hair

Why is it one of the immutable truths of the universe that the instant you make an appointment to get your hair cut, your hair starts looking fabulous? If you hadn't made the appointment, would it continue to look raggedy in the way that prompted you to decide to get it cut in the first place? Are your locks trying to protect themselves and stay on your head via renewed beautification? If so, how do they know you made a haircut appointment? Or is the sudden gorgeousness a sort of nostalgic mirage, prompted more by the brain than by any follicular self-preservation instinct? Does the brain have some objection to haircuts? The phenomenon doesn't occur with other dead body parts - make a manicure or pedicure appointment and your nails will continue to look unkempt until you've kept said appointment. Decide to use your lemon sugar exfoliating body scrub (Bigelow Chemists - a delightful product) and your skin won't instantly smooth and glow on its own. Eyebrows just get worse once you notice they're in need of shaping. But the hair on your head can't seem to help itself from transforming into something wonderful within moments of the making of a haircut appointment. It's a mystery.

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