Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Don't Get It

OK, get ready for some complaining. I continue to be amazed by the relatively high traffic to my website and the relatively low number of requests for essays (excerpted on the site on pages that get a lot of hits), questions for the Q&A, and book purchases via the site. A marketing friend told me that people like interactivity and suggested I put up a short survey for people to click on and complete. So I did that. The survey has 7 questions; you could easily do it twice in less than 90 seconds. Hundreds of people have visited my site since I posted the survey link on it last week (in 3 places), and 8 people have taken the survey. My sincere thanks to those 8 and a respectful "What's up with you?" to the rest of my site visitors.

I don't consider this most recent attempt to understand my audience a complete waste of my time since I had fun creating the survey (Survey Monkey is great), but what the hell? Am I forced to conclude that I have the most passive website traffic ever? Is every site's traffic this passive? Are my hosting company's Site Hits Per Day and Page Hits counters cooking the books?

I'm feeling rather last-ditch-effort about all of this, so now I'm making a specific request. If you're a reader of my blog and you haven't yet taken the survey, click here and throw me a bone, would you? I'll be eternally grateful.

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Rachel said...

Hopefully you've had a few more respondants since this was posted, but add another to the survey count!

Also, being the crazed marketer that I am, always looking for ways to improve on means of exposure, a quick thought: After I clicked on "Done" I was taken to the Survey Monkey page. Unfortunately, I had fully navigated away from your page. Any way to put the survey in another window so that when you're done and go to SM, you don't lose underneath? A miniscule detail, but could make your site more sticky. Hope it helps!