Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day

I wrote last year that I don't get the whole Valentine's Day hype. Manufactured feelings smack to me of form over substance, and I don't like to be told how to act by greeting card companies or florists or chocolatiers (well, maybe chocolatiers).

As an alternative - or, if you must, in addition - to celebrating Valentine's Day with silly material crap, please consider
the LOVE ebook, now available at Writing Roads. Full of love-inspired poetry, photos and art, the LOVE ebook was developed and assembled by Julie Roads with the goal of spreading happiness and positivity and making a difference for people struggling with the recession. The ebook is available for free, but when you download it you may also make a donation to Career Gear, a national nonprofit
that helps men find and keep jobs through skills training, interview clothing and relationship building.

Please click here and see for yourself how this wonderful idea has come to life. Oh - and happy Valentine's Day!

Love Ebook

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