Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the Road Again - Post 12

Today was a driving day, but around here even getting from one place to another offers a scenic masterpiece. Here are pictures from the road between Evanston, Wyoming, and Torrey, Utah:

The mountain in the picture below is Mt. Timpanogos, so named after a pair of doomed lovers. According to a nearby sign, Ucanogos was the lovely daughter of the chief of a tribe of Indians living on the shores of Utah Lake. She was in love with a young brave called Timpanak. Her father nevertheless held a contest to determine whom she would marry. Jealous of Timpanak, the other braves killed him and threw his body down the mountain. Ucanogos climbed the mountain and died atop it, grieving. The mountain then took on the outline of her body, and it has been called Timpanagos (a combination of the lovers' names) ever since.

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