Thursday, January 7, 2010

Corporate Cranberries

In what must have been a fit of inspired creativity, the holiday decorators at the Palazzo came up with utter brilliance. The bedecked papier-mâché bears were good, the snaky branch, flower, ornament and light thing was super-cool (if a little reminiscent of one of Lord Voldemort's scarier incarnations), but the ornamental pool filled to the brim with cranberries was pure genius.

(Click on the picture to get a better idea of the full force of a profusion of cranberries.)

I can just imagine the corporate meeting at which this design was pitched. Purchasing: We're going to need a cranberry guy. Number-Crunchers: How do you measure ROI on a gazillion cranberries? Idea People (all but the one who came up with the idea): I wish, wish, wish I'd thought of that! And the Suits: Top this, Steve Wynn!

Actually, in the context of the Strip's fanciest over-the-top hotel/casino/shopping/dining/entertainment extravaganzas,
the whole concept of business meetings in conference rooms is hilarious. In what other corporate setting could cranberry-related agenda items nestle comfortably and sensibly right alongside occupancy rates, profit margins, Impressionist art exhibits, and the latest in uniform concepts for leggy cocktail waitresses?


Anonymous said...

Ah, juicy! And I love all things such:)
Happy New Year Debra!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add to the above. Lest you think I can't see past the cranberries:)
Such fan-fare, and even those training sessions and other such events that are organized in Las Vegas casinos for employees to fly in to from all over the country, beat my sensibilities. It might have it ups (the whole motivation thing, team building through socializing etc), but over all, it's quite a wasteful expense in my books.

Angela Montague said...

Simple but brilliant like so many of the best ideas. Did they smell nice too?