Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Rave Review & a Holiday Offer

It suddenly occurred to me that I might have a blog reader or two who doesn't also visit my website or follow/friend/whatever me on some social media platform. In case there are indeed any of you out there, here's a heads-up about a couple current events.

A Merger of Equals
just received a rave review in SUE Magazine, which is an aptly (and hilariously) titled e-publication for women in litigation. The reviewer gave my book five gavels, the magazine's highest rating, and the review is delightful. Click here to read excerpts or to download a PDF of the complete review.

To celebrate both the review and the season,
I'm offering free shipping and special prices on A Merger of Equals through December 18. If you've thought of buying copies for yourself or to give as gifts, now's the time to do it. The more copies you buy, the better the savings. Click here for the particulars.

Thanks to all my readers - books, website, social media platforms, and blog. Writing is a huge pleasure for me; knowing you're out there reading is the richest of icing on the cake.