Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Online Interview & Manners

My website gets a lot of visitors every day, and every now and then one of those visitors writes to me about something he or she has read on the site. I'm a big believer in responding to email (I used to include the words "within 24 hours" at this point, but of late even responding at all is apparently worthy of mention). Often when I respond (yes, within 24 hours), a little dialogue begins; less often, an actual business relationship or friendship blooms.

That delightful result happened with Tiffany Yu, a market strategy and business development specialist on the other side of the country from me. We've been emailing and talking on the phone for a while now, to our mutual benefit. I love mentoring younger business women, and Tiffany loves sharing her creative marketing know-how, an expertise that couldn't have popped into my life at a better time given that I have a new book out.

Tiffany is active in Women In Parking, where she serves on the Leadership Board and as Secretary, and when Lost Wyoming was published, she suggested we do an interview for WIP Matters, the organization's newsletter for members. Please click here or on the Women In Parking logo below to read the resulting interview, which is not only a great bit of publicity for my new book, but also a great reminder of why it's worth it to answer those emails.

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